Sacha inchi oil is a popular vegetarian and halal alternative to fish oil that has amazing benefits. This supplement can have incredible effects on your hair, skin, and overall health. Discover below the benefits of consuming sacha inchi oil.

  • Supports your heart health

    Sacha inchi oil helps with maintaining healthy blood cholesterol levels and supports your heart health.

  • Promotes digestive health

    Sacha inchi seeds are also rich in fibre, which enhances digestive fibre and absorption, aiding and stimluating your overall digestion. It is also able to promote healthier glucose levels.

  • Boosts overall well-being

    Sacha inchi oil can also help to boost your immune system and well-being and even promotes healthy bones and joints.

  • Keeps your vision clear

    We all know that Vitamin A is necessary for good vision, as the body needs it to produce the pigments in our retinas. Sacha inchi happens to have a lot of Vitamin A as well as Vitamin E, both of which can help you keep your eyes in good health.

  • Maintains skin and hair condition

    The fats in sacha inchi are excellent for improving as well as maintaining your skin and hair. The omega fatty acids in it regulate oil production, condition and moisturise your skin and hair, protect you from environmental (like sun) damage.

  • Aids mood and weight management

    Believe it or not, the omega-3 fatty acids in sacha inchi can also help you regulate weight better as well as promote healthy mood balance.

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How does sacha inchi oil compare to other omega oil sources?

The key advantage to taking sacha inchi oil instead of olive oil or fish oil is that it has much lower saturated fatty acid content and higher poly-unsaturated fatty acids. This makes sacha inchi the healthier option overall for those seeking omega oils, as you can see below.

Sacha inchi oil Olive oil Fish oil
Saturated fatty acid content 6 - 8% 9 - 11% 20 - 30%
Omega-6 content 26 - 35% 4 - 7% 1 - 7%
Omega-3 content 45 - 55% 1% 20 - 26%
Ratio of fatty acids to omega oils 1 : 1.7 4 : 1 1 : 6

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60 capsules of extra-virgin, vegetarian sacha inchi extra-virgin oil. Supports overall health and offers a more sustainable, healthier alternative to fish oil. 

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