BJN Wellness is a brand that has love for family at the core. To us, there’s no happiness without the health and wellness of loved ones.

Why we do what we do

After years in the industry of producing and managing wellness products for other businesses, we wanted to create a product specifically for families.

From experience, we found that sacha inchi oil helps to tackle health problems for various members of the family. It helps manage cholesterol levels and blood sugar for older members of the family, and supports healthy growth for younger ones. 

Seeing the benefits this product has brought to our own loved ones, we resolved to make it easier to access for more people through BJN Wellness, so their own families could live healthier lives too!

We have the most stringent quality assurance processes

BJN Wellness is able to guarantee products that are 100% organic, vegan-friendly and halal, and made of 100% pure sacha inchi oil. Among other things, this is because we obtain our sacha inchi seeds from certified factories to ensure the highest quality.

For instance, our sacha inchi oil is made by a halal-certified factory based in Taiwan. The sacha inchi nuts we use to produce the oil are grown in plantations owned by that same factory. This production line only makes a single oil product, which removes the risk of other nut allergies. As part of the production process, we also ensure that the sacha inchi nuts are dried and roasted with 0% moisture content for optimal results. 

We pair our sacha inchi oil with the highest-quality corn capsules to ensure that our end product is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans. We even supervise every phase of our production process to ensure that we provide the healthiest, finest-quality supplements for users and their families.

Moreover, we’ve sent our products to SGS for testing. None of the 380 pesticides, heavy metals, and aflatoxins the labs test for were detected. Combined with our sources’ use of non-toxic organic fertilisers, this assures you of the safety of the supplement for yourself and your loved ones.

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