These capsules combine several of the most renowned medicinal ingredients in traditional Chinese medicine: antrodia, lingzhi, and cordyceps. 100% vegan and preservative-free, these supplements may be what you need to support your liver, immune, and respiratory systems.

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What are antrodia, lingzhi, and cordyceps?

Antrodia, lingzhi, and cordyceps have been used throughout history to boost health.

Antrodia has long been used by the Taiwanese to alleviate liver problems as well as hypertension. Also known as “The Red Ruby of Taiwan's Forests”, antrodia contains high levels of triterpenoids, which help to protect the body against disease and fight inflammation.

Meanwhile, lingzhi or the reishi mushroom is used to boost the immune system as well as regulate blood sugar levels. Finally, cordyceps have been used to improve respiratory function and overall immunity.

By combining all three, our ALC Health Supplements offer a wealth of benefits that can support overall health.

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Antrodia, Lingzhi & Cordyceps Capsules

60 capsules of 100% natural and vegan antrodia, lingzhi, and cordyceps extracts. Ideal for boosting liver and immune function for overall health.


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3 reasons you should take antrodia, lingzhi, and cordyceps

Our ALC Health Supplements can help improve your well-being.

  • Promotes healthy liver

    Antrodia can regulate your liver’s function while lingzhi and cordyceps support your immune system, promoting vitality.

  • Promotes healthy blood circulation and digestion

    Lingzhi can boost your blood circulation and metabolic function, enhancing digestive efficiency.

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  • Improves respiratory system

    Support your respiratory system with cordyceps, which can boost your energy levels and improve your stamina.