Sacha Inchi Oil: The vegan superfood that improves your health

Carefully selected organic sacha inchi nuts are roasted and cold-pressed for our famous sacha inchi oil capsules. Each one is packed with healthy omega fatty acids, Vitamins A & E, protein, fibre, antioxidants, and micronutrients. The perfect boost for your cardiovascular, skeletal, digestive, and immunological health!

Boost your wellness with sacha inchi oil capsules

Sacha Inchi Oil Capsules

60 capsules of extra-virgin, vegetarian sacha inchi extra-virgin oil. Supports overall health and offers a more sustainable, healthier alternative to fish oil.


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Antrodia, Lingzhi, and Cordyceps: An easy way to support vitality

Our antrodia, lingzhi, and cordyceps capsules are premium-grade supplements that can help you support a variety of bodily systems. From promoting liver health to supporting your immune and respiratory system, these capsules are also 100% vegan and natural.

Enhance your well-being with antrodia, lingzhi and cordyceps capsules

Antrodia, Lingzhi & Cordyceps Capsules

60 capsules of all-natural antrodia, lingzhi, and cordyceps
capsules. A premium supplement that can support your health
and even increase your energy.


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Doctor-Designed Orthopaedic Pillow: For the restorative sleep you deserve

Our pillow’s patented design comes from a doctor, who created it to provide neck and spinal support for both side- and back-sleepers. Based on R&D performed in Taiwan, it also uses natural latex and materials from Thailand that allow maximum breathability and comfort.

Sleep sweeter than ever before with our orthopaedic pillow

Orthopaedic Pillow

A comfortable, breathable pillow designed by a doctor to offer superior spinal and neck support. An answer for restless sleep and many back issues. Available in various sizes to suit your

$142.80 - $193.80

$168 - $228

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  • I bought 9 boxes for my mum for her knees and joints. She told me she can now walk freely, and whenever she walks up and down stairs she doesn’t feel pressure any more.
    Thank you BJN Sacha Inchi!

    Cascandra Lim
    4 January 202

  • 老板谢谢你的保健,自从服用你的印加果油快要4个月多了, 我今天去做体检时医生替我高兴. 因为他可以减轻我的药。全部血压,胆固醇盒糖尿的药这个月开始减轻。

    10 January 2024

  • Thank you BJN Wellness for recommending me your Sacha Inchi Oil! My doctor is very happy with my results and has cut down my medicine dosage by 50% after I consumed your product for just 4 months. Before knowing of BJN Wellness, I
    tried another brand – the results were not obvious even though I took it for 6 months.

    Tan Mei Leng
    28 December 2023

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