There are many reasons you should choose our products, like our famous sacha inchi oil capsules, over the rest of the options on the market. 

For one, we guarantee product purity because we always want to provide the best. For another, the quality controls we observe translate to our products meeting the strictest regulatory standards.

Our sacha inchi oil vs other providers

Our sacha inchi oil capsules and products have a clear advantage over others. Not only do we provide verifiable information on our sacha inchi supplements, but we also clarify ingredients for every part of them (including the capsule shells) from the start.

BJN Wellness Brand A
Brand N
Brand T
100% pure sacha inchi oil with no additives check Unknown Unknown Contains sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS)
Halal-certified check Unknown x Unknown
Vegan check Unknown x x
Organic check Unknown Unknown Unknown
Key ingredient in softgel capsules Corn Unknown Gelatin derived from pig protein Gelatin derived from animal protein
Tested by SGS and Eurofins check Unknown Unknown Unknown
Price per capsule $0.967 $0.997 $0.665 $1.00

What ensures the quality of our product?

1. Extracting the purest sacha inchi oil

At BJN Wellness, it’s important for us to keep our health supplements as clean as possible. Our sacha inchi oil is obtained through cold pressing, which preserves the extra virgin oil of sacha inchi seeds. We add no chemical substances to this pressed oil.

The benefits of our process include:

Freshness: The lower the acid value of edible oil, the fresher it is. At present, the acid value of virgin olive oil in China's CNS standard must be lower than 1.6mg KOH/g to be eligible for evaluation as extra virgin olive oil. In our sacha inchi oil, the acid value is only 0.36mg KOH/g! This is the freshest local quality assurance.

Purity: We offer only 100% sacha inchi oil with no additives. Furthermore, the nuts are dried and roasted with a moisture content of 0%, and the production line only produces a single oil product without the risk of nut allergy.

2. Using vegetarian, vegan, and halal corn capsules

Our entire production line is suitable for vegetarian, vegan, and halal diets, as we use only high-cost capsules made from corn. Most other providers use animal-sourced gelatin capsules, by comparison. 

3. Guaranteeing a clean and organic product

Quality starts from the sacha inchi plants themselves. We only use seeds grown and processed in Taiwan that use organic planting methods and fertiliser. After that, we perform rigorous selection to get the finest beans for washing and roasting. 

As proof of quality, our products have been sent to SGS for testing, and none of the 380 pesticides, heavy metals, and aflatoxins the lab tests for were detected.

Our products have also been tested at Eurofins for ingredient composition, to ensure their purity.

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  • Sacha Inchi Oil Capsules

    60 capsules of extra-virgin, vegetarian sacha inchi extra-virgin oil. Supports overall health and offers a more sustainable, healthier alternative to fish oil.


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