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GSS2024 - 3 Boxes of Sacha Inchi + 1 Box of ALC

GSS2024 - 3 Boxes of Sacha Inchi + 1 Box of ALC

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Sacha Inchi Oil Capsules
Cold-pressed extra-virgin sacha inchi oil cold-pressed from 100% Taiwan-grown seeds and packed in vegetarian capsules.

Our sacha inchi oil capsules are superb supplements for those in need of omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids, and boast benefits for everything from the cardiovascular to digestive system.

Antrodia, Lingzhi, Cordyceps Health Supplement
60 capsules of our 100% vegan dietary supplement containing antrodia, lingzhi and cordyceps extracts. 
Our ALC capsules are ideal for those who need support for their liver, immune and respiratory systems.

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